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What You Should Know About White-Labeled Client Onboarding with Workify

One question we frequently get from our Workify partners is:

What does the process look like from a client’s perspective?

This is an understandable question. You want to make sure your clients have a smooth process to follow so their experience is positive. And you want to verify things will be fully white-labeled under your brand.

So let’s dig in and take a look at what that process looks like for clients of Workify partners.

Sales & marketing

We’ll start at the beginning — before the prospect is closed.

You know your target clients best, so you’re the most qualified to decide how to sell to them. For some Workify partners, this might look like scheduling an initial consultation call with a lead to chat about an overall marketing strategy for their business and guide them through the process of selecting white-label services. For others, it might be a different approach.

If you’re not sure what the best approach is for your audience, we recommend jumping in somewhere. Take your best guess at what might work, then try it out. Experiment with different methods and compare the results to see what converts best for your target clients.

To help set you up for success while selling the white-label services to your prospects, we’ve created a marketing toolkit. Feel free to use any of the items in the toolkit to market your storefront. We’ll keep adding to this toolkit going forward to give you resources you might find useful for your own marketing efforts.

Point of purchase

Your leads can browse through the white-label services right from your Workify storefront website. Any services you make available on your storefront come with pre-built descriptions for your clients to learn more about what’s included. It describes the deliverables they can expect to receive, the items they’ll need to take care of, and frequently asked questions. The descriptions should help set expectations for the client before they make a purchase.

When your lead is ready to start a project, they can make a purchase directly from your storefront. There’s a purchase button on each service description page. They’ll then need to input their credit card information and we’ll handle all payment processing. During the purchase process, the client will also be prompted to create an account by providing an email address and password. It’s quick and simple. Plus, after their purchase, the process becomes fairly hands-off for you.

Workify storefront website service listing for website development

Onboarding process

After the client’s purchase is complete and they’ve created an account, they’ll be able to use that account to access their dashboard going forward. The dashboard is where they’re able to manage their projects entirely by themselves — no need for you to serve as a go-between. They’ll visit your storefront website to login and get direct access to all of their projects and account information.

Project brief

The first thing a client should do after purchasing a service is fill out their project brief. This brief is a questionnaire where the client can specify important details for the project, such as their goals, branding, target audience, and more. It’s important for the client to fill out this brief as soon as possible because their pro can’t get started on the work until the brief is submitted and the worker has all the info they need. Your client will automatically get a reminder to complete their project brief if they haven’t already. Once it’s submitted, the pro will contact the client within 1-2 business days by sending them a message through the dashboard.


If a client needs help, it’s important they know where to go for assistance. This is why you can add links to your storefront website for a support email address or help center site. We offer to handle your customer support for you (at no extra cost) via a white-labeled email, if that’s something you’re interested in. Otherwise you can use your own support email and/or support site so your clients can get help from you when they need it. Please see this article for more info on support links. In addition, if your clients reach out to you with questions about their dashboard, you can use this brandable support documentation to help them out.

Want to see the client onboarding process in action? Watch the video below.

Ongoing maintenance

Once your client’s project is underway, they’ll continue working directly with the pro going forward.

Subscription renewals

When your client purchases a monthly subscription, it’ll automatically renew each month unless the client decides to cancel it. (Note: If a service has /mo listed on the price, it’s a monthly subscription.) This means you don’t need to hassle with negotiating renewals each time. It’s automatically handled for you.

One-time purchases will not renew each month. (Note: One-time purchases do not have /mo listed on the price.) When the work for a one-time purchase is finished, the pro will mark the project as complete. Your client will only receive a single charge for a one-time purchase.

Project updates

To keep your client informed about the progress of their project, the pro will submit regular project updates. These updates are submitted on (at least) a monthly basis. The specifics included with each update will vary by service but, in general, they’ll cover the recent work completed and other important info the client should know about the status of the project. The client can leave a comment on the updates if they have a question or want to give feedback.


Your client and our pros will use the message feature in the dashboard to communicate back and forth for each project. You won’t need to facilitate these conversations. When your client sends a message to their pro, they can expect to hear a response within 1-2 business days.

Frequently asked questions

What about white-labeling?
To make sure your client’s experience is fully white-labeled as they interact with your storefront website and their dashboard, you’ll need to complete a few steps. See this article for more details.

What’s my role?
Once you close a client and they make a purchase from your Workify storefront website, the process becomes rather hands-off for you. We handle the payment processing, service fulfillment, and client communication, so all you have to do is monitor the progress. You can keep tabs on what’s going on for each of your clients’ projects from your own dashboard. You’ll see all of the messages between your clients and our pros, any submitted project updates, and other important details so you can stay in the loop.

Have other questions about white-labeled client onboarding with Workify? Check out our support center, where we answer many common questions about the platform. If you don’t see your question answered there, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.