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Everything You Need to Know About Using a White Label Reseller Program to Get Ahead

A white-label program is commonly used by digital agencies and freelancers to quickly scale their business and meet client needs effectively. This guide walks through what you should know about using a white-label program in order to help you determine if this solution may be a good fit for growing your business.

What is white-label?

A white-label or private label program allows you to sell services under your own brand and have the fulfillment handled by someone else. You get to place your logo and brand name on the services, while the program handles all of the work for you. The program’s involvement is anonymous to the client who makes the end-purchase.

A white-label partnership benefits all involved parties. You expand your business by offering more services and growing your client base, while your clients experience all of the benefits the rebranded services provide and, in return, the white-label provider also gains more business.

Workify is an example of a white-label program that allows you to sell rebrandable digital marketing services under your own brand. With a Workify subscription, you get access to a white-labeled storefront where your clients can purchase marketing services and manage them all from a white-labeled dashboard. The work is entirely fulfilled by our trusted marketing experts, which frees you up to focus on what matters most.

White-label program diagram. Workify, workify's network of pros, you, your clients

Why use a white-label program?

Digital agencies and freelancers outsource their work to a white-label provider for a variety of reasons. Here are a few of the most common factors:

You want to scale your agency
A white-label program enables you to instantly expand your service offerings. You can go from a solo entrepreneur or small team to a full-fledged agency within moments. This also means you don’t need to be an expert in everything. If you specialize in website design but you want to offer other marketing services, such as social media management or digital ads, using a white-label solution allows you to leverage outside experts in these other areas. It frees up your in-house team to keep focusing on what you do best without sacrificing additional opportunities.

You want to save cost and time
Hiring new internal talent can be costly and time-consuming. It requires you to spend your valuable time interviewing candidates, onboarding and training them, dealing with HR matters like payroll and benefits, and more. Using a white-label program cuts out these extra expenses and tasks. It lets you grow without adding more overhead.

You want to expand your revenue streams
Expanding your service offerings by outsourcing them to a white-label solution means increased profits. It equips you to stay ahead of your clients’ needs and offer them other related services after you close the initial deal. A white-label program also allows you to markup prices to increase your profits and support your business’s needs.

You want to build customer loyalty
Closing new clients is vital, but keeping them around for the long-term is the ultimate goal. When a white-label program handles all of your service fulfillment, you have more time to focus on client relationships. You also become the go-to expert in your industry for your clients. They come to you for all of their needs, instead of another agency, because you offer a variety of services that suit what they’re looking for.

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Tips for choosing a white-label program

Selecting a white-label solution to invest in for the future of your business is an important decision, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. Below are key qualities to look for when evaluating your choices:

Their values reflect yours
Before entering into a partnership with a program, you want to confirm you share similar business values. Does what you care about overlap with what the program considers important? Take time to verify that they reflect the core aspects of your company standards, such as transparent policies or a client-centered focus.

They offer a solution that meets your business and client needs
Explore the program to ensure the solution they offer is a good match for your business and client goals. Review the provided services to understand what’s included. Consider the customer dashboard and onboarding process. Evaluate the available features for your internal team. Do they cover your particular needs? Is the interface user-friendly? Can they scale with you as your operations grow? Determining that the program aligns with your vision for the future of your company will help you step into a successful partnership.

They provide high-quality work
Seek out a program with a positive track record. Scroll through their portfolio and check out their case studies. Get an idea of the types of projects and clients they’ve worked with in the past and make sure the experts fulfilling the services have experience in a variety of industries. A qualified white-label provider should stand behind the work they produce. You want the best for your clients and so should they.

Their customer service is top-notch
You need a program that takes customer relationships seriously as if the clients were their own. Their communication should be clear, honest, and helpful. They should also provide you with adequate resources to help you get settled in with the program. Do they offer any training or learning opportunities? Are they open to hearing feedback? Are they willing to make improvements when a problem is uncovered? Their support team should aim to do what they can to help you be successful.

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Getting started with a white-label program

If you’re ready to build the business you’ve always wanted, Workify can help you take the next step. Our white-label program is the easiest way to scale your creative business without sacrificing trust or quality. We can help you start expanding your business and maximizing your profits today.

How Workify Works

Expand your services
Choose from our growing inventory of on-demand white-label marketing services. Win new business or pursue your dream clients by adding services you don’t currently have or aren’t experts in.

Sell to your clients
Use our drag-and-drop site builder to create your own branded website and sell digital services directly to your clients. Adjust the base price of any Workify service to better match your business model and client needs.

We deliver the work under your brand
Our carefully curated network of trusted digital professionals fulfill all of the work for your clients. By outsourcing the work to our team, you give your clients expert service without having to be or hire the expert. You own the client relationship and we help you execute the work.

Monitor the entire process
Track your sales and watch your revenue grow each month from your customized sales dashboard. Keep tabs on your clients’ projects through fully transparent communication between your client and our digital professionals.

What Workify Provides

Workify supplies a variety of rebrandable digital marketing services to fit your business model and client needs. Choose from any of these offerings to resell to your clients under your own brand:

  • Social media: White-labeled social media marketing management and social media engagement for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business, and Pinterest.
  • Digital advertising: White-labeled paid digital ads campaign management for Facebook, Instagram, and Google, and retargeting (remarketing) campaign management.
  • Content writing: White-labeled copy and content creation including website copy, blog posts, email newsletters, and email drip campaigns.
  • Website: White-labeled custom WordPress website design, development, and management.

Marketplace Software
A Workify subscription provides access to the following software solutions:

  • Reseller dashboard: A comprehensive location for resellers to manage their account. Resellers use their dashboard to build their marketplace, curate service offerings, monitor client projects, review sales and payouts, and more.
  • Storefront marketplace: A rebrandable marketing website where resellers offer white-labeled digital services directly to their clients.
  • Client dashboard: A rebrandable portal the client uses to manage their own projects and communication directly with the professionals fulfilling the work.

And More…
The perks don’t end there. These extra conveniences are all included for you at no additional cost:

  • Payment processing: All payment processing for your account, including payouts and client purchases, is entirely managed by our integrated payment gateway.
  • Customer support: We offer to handle all customer support needs on your behalf through a white-labeled email address.
  • Resource library: We supply a collection of educational materials, covering everything from training articles to get you up-to-speed on using the program, to insightful resources that can help you grow a sustainable online business.

Since 2016, Workify has been the trusted team for thousands of happy customers. We help businesses like yours reach the next level and unlock sustainable growth.

Ready to get started? Try out the full Workify platform for free today.