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14 Brilliant Tweets About Marketing You Don't Want to Miss

Whether you’re looking for marketing inspiration or need some quick tips to refine your strategy, you’ll find that and more in this list.

We’ve gathered up the best tweets from great marketers and strategists that you don’t want to miss. Get ready to bookmark your favorites!

1. The only definition of marketing you need

Janet Machuka cuts right to the chase. Great marketing is reciprocal.

Tweet from @JanetMachuka_. Marketing is about sharing experience, making people feel associated with your brand to realize your value. And in return, they will acknowledge your content, amplify it and act on it.

2. A master thread on troubleshooting content performance

Some content performs well, some doesn’t. Melanie Deziel gives a practical analysis for why that can happen.

Tweet from @MDeziel. I get asked a lot why content isn’t performing. There’s lots of potential reasons. But here’s some possibilities.  Thread...

3. Buying ≠ earning

You can’t buy everything. Jay Acunzo breaks down what matters most.

Tweet from @JayAcunzo. Want to make what matters? Measure what can be earned but not bought.   You can buy: Traffic.  Downloads.  Emails.   You must earn: Repeat visitors. Episode completion.  Replies.   Can’t buy those. Gotta deliver value.  This work is not about who arrives. It’s about who stays.

4. Squash your marketing enemy

You snooze, you lose? Nope — you confuse, you lose. StoryBrand describes why clear marketing is best.

Tweet from @StoryBrand. The no. 1 enemy of your business? Noise.  Noise is confusion in your marketing, and it kills ideas, products, and services. In marketing, your message must always be clear. Clear marketing always wins.

5. A helpful thread for generating content inspiration

Never run low on content ideas again with Amanda Natividad’s cheat sheet.

Tweet from @AmandaNat. Being creative is draining.  Here's my cheat sheet so you'll never run out of marketing inspiration.  12 easy ways to generate content ideas:

6. Rented land is handy …

… until something goes wrong. Build on the ground you own. Joe Pulizzi gives this important reminder.

Tweet from @JoePulizzi. Don’t build your content house on rented land.

7. Don’t avoid the problem

Wes Kao explains why you need to address customer pain points to make a sale.

Tweet from @Wes_Kao. No pain, no sale. People will only value your solution if they value their problem.  If they don’t think their problem is that big of a deal they won’t pay for you to solve it.   When in doubt, exacerbate, aggrandize, and emphasize the pain. Don’t just jump right to the solution.

8. Empathy at the core

Carlos Silva conveys what should be at the center of all the content you create.

Tweet from @CESilvaM. Empathy for customer experience should be at the root of all your content.   Having a sense of the people you’re writing for and a deep understanding of their problems is key to honing your skill.

9. The first customers you should find

Chantelle Marcelle gives a list of three attributes to look for in an early buyer.

Tweet from @CCMarce_Writes. Your best early customers need to have 3 things in common: 1. Be willing to spend money for your product.  2. Benefit from what you offer.  3. Provide a positive endorsement or testimonial.

10. Branding vs. marketing: a crash course

They’re related, but not the same. Chi Thukral neatly sums it up.

Tweet from @ChiThukral. Branding: establishing your identity. Marketing: reaching your audience

11. It’s all in the details

The little things matter (in life AND in marketing). Jason Bradwell explains why.

Tweet from @JasonRBradwell. Good marketing becomes great marketing when you focus on the details.   It’s the last 5% that makes all the difference.

12. Marketing takes a commitment

Ross Simmonds describes why, to get competitive, you’ve got to play the long game.

Tweet from @TheCoolestCool. Building a competitive advantage in marketing isn’t just about the big flashy campaigns. It’s about a commitment to great content, studying culture, distributing stories and experimenting often.

13. A thread on smarter marketing

Katelyn Bourgoin explains her Trigger Technique for coming up with marketing ideas that work.

Tweet from @KateBour. Marketing is harder than ever  Wanna quickly figure out what works with buyers?  You don’t need to spend 100s of hours doing research  There are only 4 questions you *really* need to answer to get started  If you can these Qs, coming up with smart marketing ideas feels easy

14. The secret to better marketing

Don’t spread yourself thin trying to do it all. Workify (that’s us) suggests a better solution.

Tweet from @WorkifyCo. The truth is that your business doesn’t need to do it all to find success.   You can choose a few things, do them really well, and still achieve sustainable growth.   The secret is in choosing the right things for your brand.

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