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Your Top 6 Questions About Workify Answered

Over the past few years, Workify has partnered with thousands of digital businesses to help them scale. As we’ve talked with agency owners, soloprenreurs, freelancers, and consultants to help them get started using Workify with their clients, we’ve noticed a few questions pop up regularly.

Here are the top six questions we get about Workify with answers to help you get more familiar with how the platform works.

1. What does the process look like from the client’s side?

This is probably the question we get asked most commonly. To fully address it, we wrote an entire guide about white-labeled client onboarding with Workify that walks you through the whole process. It starts with sales and marketing, and covers each step all the way through ongoing project maintenance. There’s a video in the guide too if you want to see how things look from a client’s perspective.

To briefly summarize the guide: your client purchases from your white-labeled Workify storefront website and creates an account. They fill out a project questionnaire, then our digital pros get started on the work.

Workify dashboard with 2 active client projects

2. What’s my level of involvement in the process?

After your client purchases from your Workify storefront, the process becomes fairly hands-off for you. We handle client onboarding by prompting the client to create an account and asking them to fill out a project questionnaire before the work can start. Your client and our pros have direct communication with one another through the messages feature in the dashboard. So there’s no need for you to act as a go-between while the client’s project is underway. This guide about white-labeled client onboarding with Workify goes into more detail about what you can expect for your level of involvement.

Workify partner dashboard with client list

3. Do you have case studies?

Indeed! You can access all available service case studies through our support portal. Each case study is a brandable doc so you can add your own logo and other branded elements.

These case studies are part of a free marketing toolkit you can use to sell the white-label services to your clients under your brand.

WordPress website design and analytics examples

4. Who fulfills the work? Can I trust them with my clients?

We’ve partnered with trusted digital marketing professionals to fulfill the service work. These experts have a high level of integrity and expertise, along with marketing experience across a wide variety of industries. Even more, they’re well-informed about how to remain white-labeled in their communication with your clients. You can trust they’ll respect and honor the relationship you’ve built with each of your clients.

Workify dashboard project messages communication

5. How is it white-labeled?

We’ve built the entire platform with a white-labeled experience in mind. This means you have opportunities to white-label elements under your brand from start to finish. To create a fully branded process for your clients, you’ll need to take a few steps, which are covered in this quick start guide to creating a white-labeled experience. This guided checklist includes what you need to do to set up your brand on Workify — from uploading your logo to setting up a custom domain, and more.

Workify market storefront website white label services

6. How are other Workify partners using the platform?

How each partner uses Workify varies depending on their particular situation. Some partners may use Workify for a majority of their clients and offer those clients an ample selection of white-labeled services. These partners see a larger volume using Workify because their needs and their clients’ needs call for it. Alternatively, other partners might use Workify for a smaller number of clients and offer only a limited number of white-labeled services to fill in a few gaps for areas they don’t fulfill internally.

In addition to differences in how the platform is used, how partners sell the white-labeled services varies too. Different partners have different target audience segments, different brand strategies, different sales tactics … the list goes on. How they market the white-labeled services to their individual niche can differ from another partner’s approach in a different niche.

Because of this, we try to avoid prescribing a “one-size-fits-all” approach to using Workify. All in all, how partners find success with Workify comes down to each partner’s specific needs, their clients’ needs, and the effort each puts into marketing and closing clients to bring onboard Workify.

Have more questions about using Workify? Take a peek through our support center, where we answer many more common questions about the platform. If you don’t see your question answered there, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.

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