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The New Workify is Here

We’re thrilled to finally be able to say…

The new Workify is here!

Before we get into the details of the launch, let’s take a look back at where we came from. For those interested, here’s a quick history:

Backstory for the new Workify

Almost exactly two years ago, new management took over Workify and its sister app Growth Geeks. After stepping in, we spent months and months learning everything we could about Workify — how it functions, how existing users use it and what they think about it. We listened to their feedback about what works and what doesn’t. And we spent a lot of time exploring the app ourselves. Then we took all of those learnings and decided to rebuild Workify entirely.

What’s new about Workify

The Workify brand has a new look

You may have already noticed the website and dashboard have a new look and feel. It’s important to us that as you and your clients interact with the dashboard, its design and functionality reflect the professionalism you expect from your own brand.

There’s a brand new app

The app was rebuilt from the ground up and has new features. It’s stable and easier to use. Not much more needs to be said there.

The white-label services are revamped

We refreshed our social media and content services. These services have new names, descriptions, project scopes, and pricing. We’re refreshing our paid ads and website services soon too.

There are more resources available

We launched this blog to provide you with tips and strategies for growing and marketing a creative business. In addition, we also rolled out a marketing toolkit to help you better sell the white-label services to your clients. We’ll keep adding to the blog and the toolkit going forward.

Our hope is that these changes will vastly improve your experience using the app with your clients. The improvements to Workify were decisions made with you in mind. We know how frustrating it is to face the growing pains that come with expanding your business. That’s why we’re here to help you build the business you’ve always wanted. To help you scale without accumulating more overhead. Without sacrificing the trust your brand worked hard to achieve. We’re here to help you grow and we hope the new Workify does just that.

New to Workify? Take a tour of the platform and try it out for free.

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