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Signs You Need to Hire a Facebook Marketing Expert

When it comes to increasing brand visibility and hyper-targeting an audience, it’s hard to beat the power of Facebook advertising. Running an ad campaign on Facebook gives brands the chance to reach a segment of the 2.18 billion people who use the platform. The number of advertisers on Facebook has more than doubled in the last five years, indicating that marketers across the globe see the value in running ad campaigns on Facebook.

Whether you’re new to managing ads or have some experience under your belt running them for your brand (or for your clients), there’s no doubt managing Facebook ads in-house is a huge undertaking. If you’ve been wondering whether it’s time to outsource the work to a seasoned ads expert, keep on reading.

Here are four signs that indicate you need someone to manage your Facebook ads.

You’ve never run ads and don’t know where to start

Do a quick Google search for “how to advertise on Facebook’’ and you’ll find approximately seven billion results. No, we’re not exaggerating … see it for yourself:

google search

If you take a stab at sorting through those endless articles, you’ll find varying advice and how-tos for doing Facebook ads right. But who has time to figure out which advice is actually worth following?

Mastering Facebook ads has a big learning curve. If you feel unsure about where to start, or aren’t ready to commit that much time to growing your skills in this area, it’s probably time to consider outsourcing to someone who has already experience with Facebook ads management. They’ll be ready to hit the ground running.

You’ve tried running ads and aren’t getting any results

Maybe you’ve been managing your own Facebook ads for a while but aren’t seeing much traction. You blow through your ad budget each month with little ROI. And by now you’re starting to wonder if Facebook ads are even worth the time or effort.

Running an ad on Facebook isn’t magic. No one can push their first campaign live, wave a magic wand, and instantly see a multitude of sales start to roll in. As appealing as that sounds, running ads does take time and patience.

That being said, it’s reasonable to expect to see improvement over time. If you’ve been running campaigns for a while with no uptick in traffic or sales, it’s time to re-evaluate your approach. You might need the help of an expert to move the needle. A trained Facebook ads manager will be able to audit what you’ve done, understand the goals you’re trying to reach, and figure out how to better set you up for success going forward.

Person working on laptop while holding phone in one hand

You hate the thought of opening Ads Manager

We get it. Navigating Facebook Ads Manager isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Plus, there’s the hassle of keeping up with the seemingly constant changes in dashboard features and advertising protocols. It’s a big investment of your time and mental energy.

If you find yourself grumbling each time you open up Ads Manager to optimize a campaign or check results, you should know there’s a better way. An experienced Facebook ads specialist spends much of their time running campaigns, so they’re familiar with the dashboard and they keep up-to-date on any recent changes. They’ll stay on top of it all so you don’t have to.

Laptop with facebook ads landing page open

You’re ready to focus your time on something else

When you’re busy running a business, it’s understandable that managing the many details of an ad campaign can fall to the bottom of your priority list. Your position requires you to wear many hats. Facebook ads manager doesn’t need to be one of them when you could, instead, outsource to someone who has the time and experience to wear that hat for you.

It’s not about whether or not you could do the work yourself. It’s about whether you should. Just because you could do something doesn’t mean it’s the best use of your time. If you’re ready to focus your energy on what matters most, offloading campaign management to a seasoned Facebook ads specialist will help free up your time.

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Enlist the help of a trusted Facebook ads manager

If you’re ready to outsource Facebook ads management for your business or your clients’ businesses, we’re here to help. We’ve partnered with thousands of businesses to fulfill their digital marketing needs. We handle the service fulfillment entirely, so you can focus on what you do best. View our white-label digital advertising management services and see if they might be a good fit for your needs today.

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