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New Year. New Workify.

A new version of Workify is launching soon. We’ve rebuilt Workify from the ground up with your feedback in mind. The goal is a more organized, fully-featured, and easier-to-use application. We’re introducing several new features, optimizing some existing functionality, and eliminating two altogether. This post details what to expect on the new version.

Use on any device

Two screenshots showing Workify used on a tablet and mobile phone
The new application is fully mobile responsive, including chat. Speaking of which…

A brand new messenger

Screenshot of Workify platform messaging
Your clients are going to have a much easier time communicating with workers. The new chat tool offers a modern experience, text formatting, notifications for unread messages, and the ability to respond inline to email notifications to reply to a message. We’ll also import chat histories from the old Workify.


Screenshot of Workify platform notifications
Another area getting a complete overhaul is notifications. We’ll be expanding email and dashboard notifications so that everyone (you, workers, and your customers) get notified of the important things and can easily find (and close) unread notifications.

Searching and filtering projects

Screenshot of Workify platform search box for customer projects
In the new version, your clients can provide a custom name for each service they purchase. We’ll make this information visible and searchable along with other metadata so that you can easily find the project you’re looking for. We’ll also layer in filtering so you can sort projects by their status (active, canceled, etc.).

Status reports

Screenshot of Workify platform status reports
To keep clients happy and support requests down, providing monthly status reports is critical. To make this easy, we’ve built a dedicated report section. This will be a spot where workers provide a regular update in a simple format. No more searching through chat streams to find a message from months ago. Everything will be in one place and uncluttered. Workers will receive notifications if status reports are past due. Customers will receive notifications when reports are filed and can reply to them, but they won’t be able to create them. As a market owner, you’ll also be able to see the status reports.

Some things didn’t make the cut

  1. Custom Head - The ability to add custom code into the header is being removed entirely. We’re going to work with customers using this option to make sure their market works correctly on the new app.

  2. Conversions - Instead of pasting an entire script in the conversion editor, you will need to set up conversion tracking in Google Tag Manager and then add the tracking ID (GTM-XXXXXX-XX) to your storefront.

  3. Services - After auditing our current services, we’ve decided to eliminate those that are unneeded or less popular. Trimming some of the excess offerings allows us to put more emphasis on services that offer the most opportunity for growth and sustained success.

The new Workify launches soon…

If you’re an existing Workify user with an active account, you’ll get first access to the new platform once it launches. We’ll let you know when it’s ready for you to start using.

Or if you’re new to Workify, enter your email here (Link expired since the new platform launched. Please visit to get on our list and be notified after the launch. We’ll open up the platform back up to new signups after the new Workify platform is released.

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