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Must-Have Digital Agency Tools for Growth

There’s no shortage of options for digital tools today.

Here’s a (maybe pretty obvious) secret: the most successful digital agencies aren’t using every tool out there. They’re ultra selective about the software they introduce into their workflows because they know the wrong tools — or too many tools — can interrupt the good work their team produces.

At the end of the day, it’s not which tool you choose. It’s how you use the tools in your toolbelt that makes the real difference.

The right software for your agency should make your team members’ lives easier and boost their effectiveness in the workplace. If you’ve been looking for a new digital tool to introduce at your agency, keep reading below for some options to consider.

Project management & organization tools

Woman sitting in front of two computer screens. Her back is towards the camera.
  • Notion — flexible task scheduling, file management, note taking, and more
  • Airtable — collaborative databases for planning and organizing
  • Basecamp — manage projects, work with clients, and plan resources
  • Asana — manage and organize workflows and projects
  • Trello — organize projects, create checklists, and track tasks

The only way that meaningful work gets done is when everyone involved is aiming for a common goal. Project management tools are priceless for keeping the work organized and moving forward.

Communication & scheduling tools

Close up of a laptop and person working on it. Command center sidebar is showing on the laptop.
  • Slack — instant messaging for teams
  • Loom — video messaging for the workplace
  • Calendly — scheduling platform for booking meetings

If organization is one cornerstone of doing great work, then communication is the other. These tools make it easier to collaborate and get the right information to the right people at the right time.

Creative tools

Two computer monitors on a wooden desk
  • Canva — easy, online graphic design tools and ready-made templates
  • Figma — a design platform for highly customizable and flexible digital creations
  • Adobe — a suite of powerful creative tools for illustration, photography, graphic design, video, print layouts, and more

Whether you’re working with templates or creating fully custom designs, these options offer you the tools needed to produce beautiful and impactful creative assets.

Workflow & ease-of-life tools

Man sitting behind a laptop at a table working near a team of other people
  • Zapier — workflow automation
  • Workify — white-labeled service fulfillment and dashboards
  • Todoist — to-do lists and task management

Get more out of each workday by streamlining your processes and outsourcing the work when you can. These tools can help you make the most of your time.

Content tools

Person sitting at a table with one hand on a laptop and the other hand writing on a notepad
  • Grammarly — typing assistant for error-free writing
  • Hemingway Editor — writing analyzer for improved content
  • Content Snare — content and document collection for easier client collaboration

Quality content is a key part of having success while doing business online. Use these tools for faster content creation and assembly.

Marketing tools

Three women sitting at a wooden table. One has a laptop, one has a notebook and coffee cup, and the other has a coffee cup.
  • HubSpot — all-in-one marketing software suite
  • Unbounce — landing page builder and optimizer
  • CoSchedule — marketing work management

Manage your campaigns with ease so you can reach a wider audience. These marketing tools take the headache out of executing cross-channel promotions.

Social media tools

Person holding up a coffee cup in front of a smartphone to take a picture of it
  • Agorapulse — social media scheduling, reporting, and inbox management
  • Sprout Social — social media scheduling, listening, analytics, and inbox management
  • Later — social media scheduling, reporting, and conversation management
  • Buffer — social media scheduling, analytics, engagement, and landing page creation
  • Hootsuite — social media scheduling, monitoring, advertising, reporting, and inbox management
  • Social Mention — social media search engine for user-generated content

As with many marketing tools, there’s an abundance of options for social media management platforms. These tools help you automate the work and analyze trends so you can engage more effectively online.

Email marketing tools

Two hands typing on a laptop keyboard

Email marketing is still alive and well today, and these tools will help you take advantage of this incredibly effective method for reaching an audience.

SEO & analytics tools

Woman with yellow headphones sitting at a table and typing on a laptop
  • Ahrefs — comprehensive SEO software suite
  • Moz — all-in-one suite of SEO tools
  • Semrush — online visibility management platform
  • Google Analytics — web analytics and advertising ROI measurement tools
  • Google Search Console — tools for measuring website traffic and performance

Leverage your brand’s data to fix existing errors and find new opportunities. These platforms give you the tools needed to understand and increase your visibility online.

Sales tools

Man sitting behind two computer monitors and talking on the phone
  • Hunter — a tool for finding professional email addresses online
  • Salesforce — leading customer relationship management software
  • Close — comprehensive customer relationship management tools
  • Clearbit — data activation platform for marketing intelligence

The best sales tools increase productivity, personability, and profitability. With that boost, your team can streamline the pipeline and close more deals.

Audience insights & feedback tools

Four people sitting at a conference room table and talking. Each has a laptop in front of them

Get feedback when it matters most. These tools will help you gather insights from your audience at key moments throughout the customer journey.

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