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Checklist for Starting an Online Business

Since there’s plenty of competition in the ecommerce space, it’s important to have a solid plan for launching your online business. With the right strategy in place, you’ll have a more reliable process to build and grow your brand. That way you’ll be better prepared to create a profitable business for the long run.

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Here’s a simple checklist you can follow to launch your new online business:

Develop your product

☐ Explore consumer needs, problems, & pain points
☐ Choose an idea for a product or service that provides a solution to a real need or problem
☐ Identify your target audience
☐ Figure out the details for your product or service
☐ Who fulfills it?
☐ How is it delivered?
☐ What features does it include?

Explore your niche & prepare to launch

☐ Research competitors in your industry
☐ Craft a business plan
☐ Identify what sets your brand apart from the competition
☐ Build a specific customer persona
☐ Determine your business name

Build out your sales & marketing plan

☐ Secure a domain for your website
☐ Secure social media handles
☐ Create a logo and a visual brand identity
☐ Design a sales & marketing strategy
☐ Develop a core marketing message
☐ Define your pricing strategy
☐ Identify key marketing channels based on your customer persona
☐ Define your KPIs and goals
☐ Create the content needed to launch your selected marketing channels (e.g. social media posts, blog articles, email campaigns, etc)
☐ Create customer-focused copy for your website
☐ Build your website and its pages
☐ Set up analytics tracking for your site
☐ Set up your payment processing

Launch your business

☐ Launch your marketing plan to drive traffic to your website
☐ Perfect your sales pitch & approach
☐ Close your first customer
☐ Tap into your network
☐ Build connections online
☐ Identify target accounts to pursue

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